That trip to Belgium

Not long ago some friends came visiting from Belgium. So many memories came back! It has been two years since our trip but I still remember it well. We visited for a week. Let me tell you what was our  itinerary! Maybe you would like to do as we did.

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Traveling with allergies


One of the inconveniences of being allergic to many things is the handicap of traveling safely. If you suffer from food allergies or you are traveling with someone who is allergic you would have to plan ahead!

I wish I could go somewhere without thinking and planning, unfortunately it is not going to happen, so here are the precautions that I take in order to be safe. Continue reading “Traveling with allergies”

Tips for those who (like me) want to leave retail

Retail is hard. It doesn’t understand social life or weekends. Sometimes it can be rewarding but most of the time is rather ungrateful. I have worked in retail for some years now and even when I don’t hate it, I feel like it is not for me. I would like to do something else but….

It is difficult finding something else if you only have experience in retail!

So I have spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out how to break the loop.

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Good Things



We are all star-dust. You are a rock!

Good things have happened all this time that I have been absent. Let me tell you about them.

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Mudarse a Reino Unido: Trabajo


Este post sera publicado en Inglés y en Español. Versión Inglesa.

Cómo me pasó a mi no hace mucho, tu también puedes estar pensando en mudarte a Reino Unido para encontrar un trabajo.

Intentaré explicar mi experiencia aquí y los pasos necesarios para empezar a trabajar en el Reino Unido. Continue reading “Mudarse a Reino Unido: Trabajo”

Moving to the uk: Places

There are plenty of places that I would love to visit while in England and I thought about writing them down and seeing how many of them I could cross of my list! I am open to suggestions!

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Allergies Part 2


In my previous post, I got to tell you more or less the beginning of my life as a person with allergies.

I am aware that the fact that I have allergies does not define me as a person but it certainly defines many aspects of my life.

Unfortunately for me, my allergies got worse and worse over the years. I’m allergic to the LTP protein found in almost all vegetables and fruits.

It is not a protein that can be broken down with heat or cold or mechanically. So basically, if I cook them, I’m still allergic to them. If I chop them, nothing happens, and the same if I freeze them.

The question that everybody asks now is: what do you eat? Continue reading “Allergies Part 2”

Starting a project: Basic Scrapbook supplies


Probably, like many of you, I really like taking photos, tons of them, and then going through them and remembering the experiences that we lived at that moment.

Now I’m even considering to get a new camera so I can play more with visuals and ideas but today’s post is not about that.

I’m about to start my own scrapbook and it took me years to finally sit down and print all the photos I want! I managed to just print 400 pictures of the last 4 years. I realized the colossal magnitude of this project and it doesn’t make it easier.

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