Camera dreams

I want a camera.

Which one is the best camera? The one you carry around.

After much though I decided against buying a SLR camera. They are really big and uncomfortable for traveling and I am pretty new to photography so I don’t need all the advanced options that SLR gives you.

I decided against Digital cameras and feel more inclined to get a Compact System Camera as the market is really growing for it. Continue reading “Camera dreams”


Best MOOCs starting soon

Following the line of the previous post, today I will talk a bit of my experience with MOOCs and online learning in general and some courses that I find interesting and you might too!

I signed up for many many courses, I like doing that a lot. Most of the topics interest me, even when some of them are completely unrelated. Continue reading “Best MOOCs starting soon”

MOOCs : The basics

This topic can be a little bit tough for me as my SO is really interested/specialized on it. I consider this a very interesting topic because I see education as the tool that shapes the world.

What is a MOOC?

Continue reading “MOOCs : The basics”

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