Capsule Wardrobe

After our adventure on the Camino de Santiago I finally decided to take the plunge and start the project of my capsule wardrobe. I have been reading the Caroline’s blog Unfancy for a while and I really liked the idea of it. I was intimidated by the decision of getting rid of all the clothes that I so carefully had accumulated over the years.

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A week on the beach suitcase


Packing can be a pain in the neck and after trying to help my mother pack this morning for her trip to the beach I realized that maybe more people can face this issue: “Overpacking”

I’m not telling you to go a week of holidays empty-handed (but if you have done that probably you have a great story to tell) but spending a week on the beach should be to relax, not to carry 2 heavy suitcases along.

Here you have my recommendations for a nicely packed suitcase:

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