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Capsule Wardrobe

After our adventure on the Camino de Santiago I finally decided to take the plunge and start the project of my capsule wardrobe. I have been reading the Caroline’s blog Unfancy for a while and I really liked the idea of it. I was intimidated by the decision of getting rid of all the clothes that I so carefully had accumulated over the years.

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On my Wish List: MakeUp


On my Wish List:

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Little MAC Haul

After leaving the UK I wanted to visit the MAC store again as I had some gift cards I wanted to use and some wants as well. This is what I got!


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Empties Part 3: Makeup

 Third round! Makeup  empties.

I don’t finish make up as often as I finish skincare so it was a miracle to accumulate so many products! Let’s get started!

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Empties part 2: Bodycare

In this second part of the blog I will explain which body care products I have finished.

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Empties Part 1: Skincare

I’m moving countries. Again. And with every move comes the clear out before the ‘ThisDoesntFitInMySuitcase’ panic. One obvious thing that I’m not planning to take with me: all the empty bottles that I have accumulated during the year in order to write this post.

Warning: This is a lenghty one, where I will show you what I have finished and my opinion about it. Also a bit of a haul with all the nice purchases to replenish my shelf.

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“This Happened”

Yep, “This Happened” is my recurrent sentence lately. It can be used when you accidentally broke something, when something unexpected happened or, my favorite option, when you come back home after a walk that ended up being a haul.


Yep, so “this happened” when I went for a walk and a Lush store entered my way. It wasn’t my fault at all! Continue reading ““This Happened””

Camera dreams

I want a camera.

Which one is the best camera? The one you carry around.

After much though I decided against buying a SLR camera. They are really big and uncomfortable for traveling and I am pretty new to photography so I don’t need all the advanced options that SLR gives you.

I decided against Digital cameras and feel more inclined to get a Compact System Camera as the market is really growing for it. Continue reading “Camera dreams”

I was in candle mood..


I wanted candles.

Just moved and candles makes the room feel cozier and more at home.
I still don’t know well where to turn when in need of something but I’m getting around and as we are in Christmas there are a lot of packages and special smells just designed for the season. Continue reading “I was in candle mood..”

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