Way of St James – El Camino de Santiago

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We came back not long ago from our latest adventure doing the Camino de Santiago also known as Way of St James. We have been wanting to go on The way for a long time now. It is hard to decide where to start as it can be as long as you want it to be (basically). I was also unsure of my physical conditions and my issues with food and allergies. Spoiler alert: After finishing it we decided to do The way entirely from France to Santiago de Compostela the next time.

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Moving to Hungary: Work


If you are thinking about changing countries maybe Hungary could be your next place. Let me tell you my experience so you can make your decision.

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That trip to Belgium

Not long ago some friends came visiting from Belgium. So many memories came back! It has been two years since our trip but I still remember it well. We visited for a week. Let me tell you what was our  itinerary! Maybe you would like to do as we did.

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Traveling with allergies


One of the inconveniences of being allergic to many things is the handicap of traveling safely. If you suffer from food allergies or you are traveling with someone who is allergic you would have to plan ahead!

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Mudarse a Reino Unido: Trabajo


Este post sera publicado en Inglés y en Español. Versión Inglesa.

Cómo me pasó a mi no hace mucho, tu también puedes estar pensando en mudarte a Reino Unido para encontrar un trabajo.

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Moving to the uk: Places

There are plenty of places that I would love to visit while in England and I thought about writing them down and seeing how many of them I could cross of my list! I am open to suggestions!

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We are almost there. Soon enough I will be posting again. Do you know where the picture was taken?

Things to check when moving abroad

I’m behind. That’s the feeling I get when I miss the Blogging 101 assignment and when I receive a great compliment like getting the “One Lovely Blog Award” and not being able to sit and post about it!

I’m moving abroad. Again. And preparing for that can be a pain in the behinds. Am I forgetting something? Let’s see…(Warning, I’m going to be rambling about things that have been in my head this past week. If you are also moving abroad soon you might check my list in case you are forgetting something) Continue reading “Things to check when moving abroad”

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