Why to start your own blog?

Well I have no idea how to answer my own question..

  • I guess like many people around we are just curious and we are willing to expose what it is left of our little privacy in to this digital pages. Also I always found writing as the perfect way to organize my thoughts in something that makes sense, writing has always been my way to escape, my exit. Sometimes a way out of reality while writing my own fictional stories. Other times out of my fiction in order to get my feet down and prepare an action plan, or thousands of them (knowing that they are unlikely to come true).
  • I have been reading/following many blogs lately and I have been enjoying them.
  • I read somewhere that 50% of the blogosphere was composed by people my age (25-35 yo) and I don’t want to be the one missing the fun. The fact of being exposed and probably criticized is intimidating, so for me it is a challenge, and a big one!