This is my first book “review” on the blog! The chosen book has been Facepaint by Lisa Eldridge. The first book that I bought before it was launched!

For many people Lisa Eldridge doesn’t need an introduction. The make up guru has a very successful YouTube channel where you can find the latest red carpet makeup, product recommendations and beauty advice. She also has a series of videos focused on the Story of makeup.  Besides her YouTube channel she has worked with many celebrities and big makeup companies so her insight comes from experience and deep interest in the topic.

The book is hard cover and has 240 pages. The price point is ridiculously low for a book of this characteristics. The cover is colorful and makes for a nice coffee table book. Inside curiosities about makeup, history of women and the association of makeup and freedom for women a those two topics intrinsically related. Plenty of beautiful images about her called “makeup muses” that inspired her and others as trend setters of their time.

It is divided in two main sections: The Ancient Palette and The Business of Beauty. The former divided into three categories Red, White and Black which I found quite interesting. The latter based in media, marketing and beauty pioneers.

Lisa explains in this video why the division of chapters is like that.

In my opinion as a makeup hobbyist, this makes for a very interesting and engaging read. Full of facts that help you understand better why we do some rituals today and how it developed towards the actual direction. Being the makeup industry an ever growing one and more profitable than ever it is important to know its origins.

Why is makeup so expensive? is a recently published article foreseeing the growth of the makeup market from $56,9 billion of last year to $70 billion in the next couple of years. Lisa also adventures herself in the future of makeup in the book.

There aren’t many books related to women regarding women’s issues written by women so my inner feminist had to take the plunge on this one!

A really enjoyable book and a bit different for me as I’m used to read novels. Definitely worth checking it out.