After leaving the UK I wanted to visit the MAC store again as I had some gift cards I wanted to use and some wants as well. This is what I got!


Brush Cleanser: I have been wanting to get a spot cleanser for a while now. I didn’t want to wash my brushes everyday because they get really dry and it can damage the glue. Now I only deep clean them once a month and use the spot cleanser in between to keep them clean and to change colors. I like the smell. It cleans easily and dries really fast so you can use the brush immediately. I transferred some product to a bottle with a spritz so it’s easier to apply and there isn’t so much product waste.

Prep + Prime lips: They used this once at the store while doing my makeup and I had to try it! Normally I struggle to wear a matte lip because I have very dry and chapped lips. I have tried many things and I can keep them under control if there aren’t matte lipsticks involved. Any solution that can help me wear one, wear it well and not end up desperate the next day is more than  welcomed!

Matte lipstick in Kinda Sexy: After the previous product I had to buy a new shade of matte lipstick to check that it works well ;). I like it because it’s a really nice nude on me.

Pro Longwear Paintpot in Groundwork: I have been using Soft Ocre for a while now and I enjoyed the results. It helps the eye shadow to stay put on my hooded eyes for longer. I wanted to try something different but still very natural. Chilled on Ice you will be next!

Pressed Pigment in Day Gleam: I also wanted to try pigments. Tending to have a very natural makeup adding a spark of glitter was necessary for the special ocassion. It goes really well with Groundwork and it applies wonders. I didn’t want to go all in and get a loose pigment. I know it would have ended all over the floor and myself.

In Extreme Dimension Lash: Mascara is my temptation. It is one thing that I use everyday, even if I don’t leave the house! I’m quite picky with them. On the list of requirements: very black, hold the curl, and not being waterproof. This is dramatic, leaves my lashes looking great and ticks all the boxes. I bought a more “natural” one for the everyday –> KIKO Luxurious Lashes Extra Volume  it was on offer and I had to get it. I gives a nice definition but nothing crazy. Maybe it is too natural for me but I don’t dislike it so I’ll try to finish it.

Have you tried any of this products?

Do you have any recommendations?