Third round! Makeup  empties.

I don’t finish make up as often as I finish skincare so it was a miracle to accumulate so many products! Let’s get started!

Mascara is my go to product so it is no surprise that I managed to end with so many!

Bourjois Volume Glamour:  Waterproof mascara is not my favorite as it takes forever to remove completely. This one was a gift with a Holiday set. I would not repurchase again. I do not have a particular reason. There are plenty of mascaras out there and this one doesn’t cut it for me.

Clarins Wonder Mascara Black: I loved this mascara. Its departure was long overdue but even half dry was great – gross. I think you can get a very similar effect with a drugstore mascara but the packaging on this one its just spot on.

Maybelline The colossal:  I keep buying this mascara over and over. I doesn’t disappoint me. It gives volume and length. It is light and not waterproof! But I think we need a break. It has been to long and I think it is time to try new waters.

Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara Brown: Yes, I had a brown mascara. Sometimes I like something more natural. We will forget the fact that it is waterproof because it is Chanel, right? I will just say that I was expecting something more out of this mascara. I understand that being brown it is less dramatic but it fell short. If it comes my way again I will not say no to it but I wouldn’t purchase it myself.

Catrice Lash/Brown gel: There is still some product on the bottle but it was time to let it go. As it has a transparent bottle you can see all the clear gel turning brown from all the other brow products used before. I used this to set my brows and it wasn’t crispy or shiny. It was an ok product with a very cheap price. I would repurchase it so I will keep it in my mind.

Chanel Tinted Moisturizer: Hydramax + active teintè. I used this as my spring summer base. I didn’t need more SPF because I spent the summer in UK and it was cloudy most of the time. It is a nice base but most of the times the color was a bit off. They only have three shades and they are pretty sheer but you can tell that the color doesn’t match you well. I had number 10 Sand. It is perfumed and looks scary dark in the bottle but applies with ease. I think its good for the summer months when you don’t feel like putting on a full coverage base. I’m unsure of repurchase. I heard great things about Nars Tinted Moisturizer..Is it as good as they say?

So I bought some products to replace the finished ones.

Maybelline BrowDrama: Dark blonde. This product has the weirder spooly ever. The color is great for me and I’m happy with the finish as well. It was a change from the clear brow gel and sometimes I wish I had one of each (maybe soon). I doesn’t give much volume but it gives a subtle hint of color. The debate its still on.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Wonder Full: One of the cons that I immediately came up with this mascara its the smell. It smells like cucumbers! FAIL Who would have thought! That puts me off. I used it a few times already and I can’t deal with the smell. It is not doing wonders either so I will toss this away asap.

L’oreal MegaVolume Miss Manga: This was another mistake purchase. Why? Not because of the mascara. Maybe it is a great mascara. I just know that I bought it in a rush, when I was having a mascara emergency and I got the wrong color. It is teal. You can see that on the lid of the letters are teal but I didn’t notice that small detail. FAIL again. I don’t see myself using teal mascara… yet!


I am a big fan of manicures and I like to keep my nails colored. If you paint your nails regularly you know how important a base coat and a top coat are.

Rimmel Nail Nurse Base and Top coat:  I always have two different products, one as base and one as top coat. I wanted to try a multipurpose for the sake of saving up money and space. It didn’t work for me. It is a meh base coat and a never drying top coat. I gave it a good try using it in different ways and there is no way I can get along with this product.  Shame.

Brillo Secante Tratamiento and Base vitaminada: This two were awesome but I won’t say much more about them as they can only be bought in Spain. If you are ever in Spain and happen to enter a supermarket called Mercadonna remember that the base coat is awesome. I’m only getting rid of it because it has gotten a bit thicker with time and it doesn’t work as well as it used to.

The new additions.

Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat and Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat:  I heard really good things about Revlon nail products. Actually I got even more curious after seeing some pictures of Frida Kahlo’s makeup where she had a Revlon nail polish in her vanity. How long have the people at Revlon being doing nail products? So I had to try it by myself. I’m actually quite happy with them. They do dry quickly. They have even been compared with Sechevite! I don’t know about that as I have never tried the Sechevite top coat but I will keep reporting on this ones.

I purchased a few more products. I will do a Haul soon!

What’s your favorite mascara? I need some inspiration!