In this second part of the blog I will explain which body care products I have finished.

I have tossed a big bottle of body milk but it wasn’t particularly good nor did what it said on the label. It was Biotherm firming body lotion. It didn’t give my skin that feeling of tightness that firming lotions have. The smell was nice though.

I generally always have a hand cream at reach. One in my purse and another on my night stand. I work with paper and I really really dislike dry hands.
Clarins hand and nail treatment cream: This. Is.  Awesome. I only had the pleasure to try a small bottle but I’m hooked. Now every hand cream that I try compares to this one and I haven’t found anything as good. It absorbs quickly, it’s not tacky or sticky, it smells good and it leaves your hands immediately comforted. Can you ask anything else? If only the  price wasn’t so high..
Neutrogena hand cream unscented: On the other side of the spectrum, this cream is easy to find and affordable. I’m not a fan of it. Maybe it’s because I had high expectations of the brand. They advertise as being highly hydrating and made specially for hard climate conditions. On me it did nothing. I have only finished it because I’m quite stubborn. You need much more quantity to hydrate the same as the Clarins. That, on its own, it’s not bad but if you put a little bit more than what you should, you are left with white sticky hands for a long time. I won’t repurchase this one. I have coworkers and friends that are fond of the products so it might just be me.
Eucerin intensive hand cream 5% urea: After the Neutrogena fiasco I decided to “invest” a bit more on my hands and purchased this cream. It is half way in price point between the Clarins and the Neutrogena. The word urea sounds a bit scary, I don’t want wee on my hands! But the cream its all wonders. It made my skin feel good, absorbed quickly and it was unscented so no drying fragrance included. You only need a tiny bit to get all the hydration needed (my hands were cracking dry). The brand on its own looks legit. And it was my night stand staple for a long time. I’m sad to say goodbye. I might repurchase in the future but not right now as I want to keep trying new things.
L’Occitane 10ml pure Shea butter: It is what it says on the tin. Butter. Last summer my lips where extremely dry and I was peeling them off every day. I didn’t know what to use as I had tried everything I knew. Then I found this little guy and everything came back to normal. The 10 ml lasted a long time as I was only using it as a lip balm. It has no smell and I used it every night. I would wake up with soft lips and if you ever had chapped lips you know how comforting that is. It is not cheap for a lip balm but not so expensive I wouldn’t buy it again. I might have repurchased already ;).

This are my new purchases to take the place of the fallen.
Aveeno hand cream: This one will be the substitute for the Eucerin cream. I have a soap that I keep buying made of oats and I find it calming and hydrating. When I saw that this cream was made with oats I decided to give it a go. I will report back if it’s worth it. It was the same price point as the Eucerin. (I think now they lowered the price!)
L’Occitane Shea butter 150 ml: It’s cheaper to buy the big tin as I know it’s such a good product and I refilled already my tiny tin to keep using it as a lip balm. I use the big tin for my legs and my cuticles. You can even put a dollop in the bath to get extra hydration. I haven’t tried that one yet because I still have some lush bath bombs and melts to use. Basically you can put it anywhere. Im loving it right now. And I think I will keep repurchasing this one.
Chanel hydramax + active lip balm: A little gift. It’s oily instead of creamy. Leaves your lips really soft. By now everything is good with this one but as with the cream I will report back if worth the splurge as it is not the most affordable lip balm.
I have also used up quite a few hair products.
Dirty springwash shower gel: Can also be used as a shampoo and my boyfriend was the main user. With a strong mint scent was perfect for after work out and also in the mornings. I had a small bottle of 100 ml. I’m not sure I will repurchase yet as it’s bit pricey for me at the moment but I’ll keep it in mind for the near future.
Batiste dry shampoo: I like dry shampoo as it spaces your washes and helps to keep your hair healthy. This one smells coconut-y and that’s where my praises end. It does its job but it’s not exceptional. There is white residue when applied and sometimes it feels a bit chalky. Still did not beat Dove dry shampoo, my favorite to the date.
L’oreal Elnett hair spray: I was surprised by how much I liked this product. I don’t use hair spray very often but when I braid or curl my hair and I want it to stay put I have a hard task ahead of me. I have tried really strong hair sprays without success. They usually leave a ‘crunchy’ hair or they act like a cast. Elnet didn’t do that and my hair stayed where I wanted it longer than I expected. I would repurchase without a doubt.
TRESemme thermal recovery hair mask: I like to treat myself to a hair mask once in a while and this type of jars will last you a long time. Unfortunately this one fell on my bathtub on the third day and had a hole on the bottom so I lost a lot of product and almost a toe. From then on it was a real struggle to use but I finished it to the last drop. Is that a good sign? It left my hair soft and it was really easy to tame and comb afterwards so I would say it was a good product for me. I’m not sure I would repurchase because I had better products on the past. The Perfect Hair Day range has all my attention at the moment. Maybe one day I will blindly ignore the price tag.
N4 prep and protect: This was great. In combination with the hair mask it worked wonders. I had the sample for ages and never really tried it. I wanted to use the bottle for another product so I used it up. It has a cocoa  smell that I didn’t appreciate. I don’t like the smell of chocolate. Call me weird. I would have liked to have a bigger bottle and this past days I have missed it. I will consider a repurchase if not of this same product of one on a similar format.
My only purchase at the moment on the hair department would be this bad boy.
Yes to Carrots Scalp Relief Shampoo: I realized one thing and it’s that my scalp is really sensitive to water changes. I find the water in England to be a bit harder than I’m used to so I need some more hydration up there. Hopefuly this will meet the expectations.

I also used up some other body products all of them gift with purchase.
Gucci rush 2 was one of my favorite fragrances and they gifted me with body milk and shower gel. They smelled slightly different than the perfume and they weren’t really good but hey come handy when traveling.
Burberry brit rhythm was also a gift and it didn’t last long on my drawer as the smell was delicious. Almost as good as the perfume.
And lastly we have a sample of the Lancôme genifique serum. I have been trying to buy a serum for the longest time as I would like to add it to my routine but I can’t find one that I really like. This one was the one that came closer to winning.
I know I will end up buying one soon. Any suggestions?