I’m moving countries. Again. And with every move comes the clear out before the ‘ThisDoesntFitInMySuitcase’ panic. One obvious thing that I’m not planning to take with me: all the empty bottles that I have accumulated during the year in order to write this post.

Warning: This is a lenghty one, where I will show you what I have finished and my opinion about it. Also a bit of a haul with all the nice purchases to replenish my shelf.

First a little heads up on my skin type. I have dry/dehydrated and sensitive skin. I only have one pimple a month around the chin area and my main concerns are fine lines and redness. Let’s get to it!

First Facial skincare:

There is one guy missing here. I finished it at the beginning of the spring. Clarins Hydraquench. Will repurchase without a doubt!!

The ones in the picture are:

Clarins Multiregenerant: It is their early wrinkle corrector. I think they repackaged it because I had this bottle for a little while waiting to be used. It was nice but nothing special. Hydraquench felt much more nourishing. My skin felt soft and added a nice SPF. Not enough to go to the beach in Spain but it protected me in the British “Summer”. I wouldn’t repurchase as per now. Didn’t live up to the expectations after using Hydraquench. I can keep typing it just for the sake of it: Hydraquench. Sounds horrible, feels great.

Shiseido Ibuki: It is Shiseido’s line for the 20’s early 30’s. It is more a lotion than a cream and it’s fluid enough to allow you to give yourself a little face massage. For this reason I have been using it at night, it gave me hydration but it wasn’t heavy. Great feeling during the summer months. I would repurchase. I will repurchase as soon as I can. Maybe once I land in a place where I will stay a bit longer than a few months! If you don’t know how to facial massage let me introduce you to the Master, you can find it here. And darn, it feels good.

Chanel Eau douceur: A fancy micellar water, formulated for sensitive skin. This micellar water removed all my makeup and it didn’t sting my eyes. It has tulip water, who doesn’t like tulip water? It has subtle smell and it leaves your skin feeling lovely. That’s not to mention how great the packaging is and how much I adore the pump and, even when I don’t like the idea of it, how sophisticated it makes you feel! This product was a gift and I don’t think I would buy if I were left alone next to the stand (I cannot be left alone next to the stands) Why not repurchase? – you might ask- Well.. the price tag. At 30 pounds for 150 ml this beautiful bottle is out of my reach.

Chanel Lotion Douceur : The perfect toner to compliment the above micellar water. Toner is such a princess step! A toner is supposed to balance your skin pH and prepare it for the moisturizer. I can’t tell you about the pH levels but this was refreshing and nice to use. I still have a bit left and I feel guilty to travel with such a big bottle and so little content but I have been trying to make it last as much as possible. This is a step that I really enjoy in my skin care routine. Having that wetness in your skin makes the moisturizer glide on it and it feels that it absorbs much better. Now, this might just be me. Sometimes I use toner in the morning instead of stronger products to clean my face… is it just me again? It has another thing in common with the micellar water: the hefty price tag. I would loooove to repurchase. Not going to happen any time soon. In the meantime I’m eyeing the Pixi Toner, a little bit cheaper. This one is supposed to have AHA, a bit scary for my sensitive skin but will take the plunge soon.

Are you still with me? Good! I have two eye creams to show you! (Down with the Crow’s feet!)

Biotherm biofirm lift yeux: I also had this for a while before I decided to open it and try it. The reason: it comes in a jar. A 15 ml jar goes a long way. It lasted 5 months. The texture was incredibly soft and it absorbed fast which allowed me to conceal immediately instead of having to wait for it to set, saving at least 30 precious seconds in my morning routine. It contains caffeine and leaves your eye area tight (as the word lift in the name indicates). I really enjoyed it. I wouldn’t repurchase, maybe if it came in a pump or a rolling or any other packaging really. It think that at €45 its a bit pricey for what you get.

Yes to carrots: Right on the other end of the price spectrum. 15 ml of cream at 10 quid. I bought it when I finished the Biotherm and I didn’t know what to do without an eye cream. I’m pretty obsessed with carrots lately so obviously the name and the packaging caught my eye – get it?. The texture it’s completely different and you only need to use a tiny winy amount. Weirdly enough you have to pat the product in. No, not only because rubbing it in would cause more wrinkles – no thanks!- but because it… I don’t know how to explain but the closest word would be foams. It foams. I know. Cray. If you let that past you (if you can) you will discover a great eye cream. I have noticed my dark areas aren’t so dark and it has a bit of a tensor effect. I would definitely buy it again… Spoiler alert: I might have bought it again already 😉

What did I buy to fill the gap? – You may wonder…

First of all, sorry, I took the pictures on a typical British morning so I had to use flash.

Chanel Hydramax + Active Nutrition: Winter is coming and with it the cold and with it the damaged skin. (And many other things) so it is time to up the ante in the hydration realm. I have high hopes for this cream. I hope it is as good as it looks. I hope it doesn’t brake me up or make my skin flare. I will keep you all updated.

Garnier Micellar Water: I wanted another micellar water. As I have sensitive skin I’m quite scared of strong products and I haven’t tried any from the drugstore. I just bought this one because of two things: it was smaller than average (so I didn’t commit a lot), and it was a pound. Yes, one pound. 30 times less than my previous one! You can get a massive bottle of this stuff for 5 pounds. And for being 30 pounds cheaper it is not 30 times worse. I miss the pump and the packaging, I have to admit. But I feel that I can use it more freely as it is really cheap and it removes makeup. Not all the makeup but I always double cleanse anyways. It’s totally worth the try, it wont break the bank and if you end up liking it as I did you will find yourself with extra money to spend in other things that might be more important. Like a nice winter cream. Or a puppy. I would probably buy it again but I would use in combination with other products as on it’s own I don’t feel it’s enough to be squeaky clean as I like to be.

Biotherm Aquasource: This one was another gift. It is not indicated for my skin type but I will give it a go anyways to see how it reacts. It has been with me too long, I will find it a loving home if I don’t like it. I don’t have much to say as I still haven’t open it but I will also keep you posted if I think it’s worth it.

Yes to Carrots eye cream: My love for this is foaming now. I wanted another 6 months of it before giving up and trying to find something else. If it’s not broken don’t fix it!

Are you tired of it yet? No? Get ready for parts 2 and 3.. coming soon!

Have you tried any of this products?

What’s your favorite skin care item?