Not long ago some friends came visiting from Belgium. So many memories came back! It has been two years since our trip but I still remember it well. We visited for a week. Let me tell you what was our  itinerary! Maybe you would like to do as we did.

– Landed in Charleroy airport and my friend and her father picked us up. We visited Gent. It was gorgeous and one of our favorite places! Our “headquarters” we’re based in there so all our trips started in Gent.

We bought a 10 trip train ticket that you have to fill in yourself with the details of your journey. It was cheaper than buying the individual tickets as we were planning on moving around a lot. I definitely recommend checking those if you plan on moving around.

– Ypres. Absolutely worth the visit! The world war museum was awesome. A lot of information, very interactive and modern. Still have the poppy bracelet that they give you as a ticket.

– Brussels. You shouldn’t be allowed to go to Belgium and not visit Brussels. Having a local guide is better! We saw the city from the top of a parking lot and discover a lot of hidden places and their history. I rubbed my hand along a statue that is supposed to make your wishes true. We saw the tiny and disappointing statue of a baby weeing. We went to the non-touristic area to eat and also visited the European Parliament. At the entrance you can pick the language of the European Union that you want to listen the guide in and they give you an iPod with a lot of videos and plenty of information and facts to keep you busy for hours.

– Bruges. A tiny village with a lot of charm. There are a couple of breweries around and the one we visited had a roof view of the town! It is like a tiny village from a tale.

– Liege and Maastricht. We did the two in one day and I reckon it was too much! Maastricht deserved one day just for itself! Liege wasn’t so fun to visit. Maybe we were just tired, maybe it’s because it was a bigger city but I thought it was a bit grey.

– Antwerp. I was really looking forward to visit the city of Antwerp and a phone call with bad news ruined the experience. My dog died that day and the sadness didn’t let me enjoy the trip. I don’t see myself coming back to revisits even though the city is gorgeous. Never say never!

As you could see it was an intense week of holiday! We visited as much as we could and we don’t regret it! It was seven days and seven cities. We even had time to go to the movies, it is a different experience to watch a movie with subtitles in so many languages!

Is there any place that you think we missed and was essential?

Are you planning your trip to Belgium?