We are all star-dust. You are a rock!

Good things have happened all this time that I have been absent. Let me tell you about them.

– I have crossed two cities out of my list of places to visit in England. Manchester and Leeds… ok, Leeds wasn’t in the original list but it was worth the visit.

– I got my camera!(Insert emoticon with hearts in eyes) It came in the shape of Birthday present and I’m really happy with it. If you are curious, it is the Samsung Nx3000 the one that won the competition quality/price. My friends rather enjoyed the selfie mode last night. Did you know that the camera takes a picture if you wink at it? I didn’t. It’s hilarious.

– I made my first birthday cake. And now the second. And I didn’t burn the house! (almost)

– My boyfriend’s team won the Superbowl! Which I’m really happy about, not only because this year I finally managed to enjoy the game, but because there is a correlation between the winning/losing and his mood.

– I’m going to cross out of my list in just a couple of days the wonderful city of London and, from my other list of things I want to do (still unpublished :S), two super-duper cool things: Harry Potter Studios and Cirque du Soleil. All in one weekend!!

– One the same weekend is also my birthday! And Valentine’s Day! Not that it really matters when my birthday is right there but hey, I’m on celebration mode.  I’m going to be one year older, maybe not wiser but who cares, right? I will try to stick to the fact that a number doesn’t define me. Not my age, not my size, not my grades…

And after what it felt like a million exclamation marks I can only say that I’m grateful for all the above and so happy about it that I had to share.

I will say goodbye before I keep saying silly things.

Anything awesome happened to you lately? Anything awful?