There are plenty of places that I would love to visit while in England and I thought about writing them down and seeing how many of them I could cross of my list! I am open to suggestions!

– Manchester, second biggest city.

– Liverpool, the Beatles is more than enough reason.

– Edinburgh, have you seen it? Even if it’s just from Google images, it looks amazing! Fairy tale city, can’t find another way to describe it.

– Any city in the coast, really, any of them, can you pick one for me?

– Stonehenge, it is not a city, I know it’s just a formation of stones but the thought that they were put there so long ago and that we don’t know why calls my attention.

– London, London again, I think I will never have enough of it.

– Belfast, to visit the neighboring island.

– Cliffs of Moher, because the last time we visited Ireland we missed them and they look awesome. I know this is not England anymore but hey! It’s close enough!

This is a provisional list, I might add more destinations and maybe write about those places that I have visited.

Do you think I’m missing any important city or landmark that I should certainly visit?