Probably, like many of you, I really like taking photos, tons of them, and then going through them and remembering the experiences that we lived at that moment.

Now I’m even considering to get a new camera so I can play more with visuals and ideas but today’s post is not about that.

I’m about to start my own scrapbook and it took me years to finally sit down and print all the photos I want! I managed to just print 400 pictures of the last 4 years. I realized the colossal magnitude of this project and it doesn’t make it easier.

The world of scrap-booking can be a “bit” overwhelming.  And it is not a new hobby as the first scrapbooks were found in the 15th century (jaw dropping). There are so many resources, ideas, brands… a lot of stuff to go through.

Sometimes that is good, gives you more possibilities.

Other times it’s not that good. We know that when facing many options we are more likely to not be satisfied with the final product thinking that we could have got the other item. Or we just simply freeze with so many possibilities! That’s why it took me so long!

So, I managed to make a list of scrapbook basics that, in my opinion, form the base to start this project. I repeat, in my opinion, I’m a newbie on this. If you can do it with less tell me about it! If you think I’m missing something important, tell me about it! I got all my supplies from the same store, Paperchase, due to convenience.

1- The scrapbook.


I picked this one basically because it was on sale. I was looking for something simpler and I think I will end up making my own cover, which will be a project of its own.

2- The tapes, washi tapes.


And I don’t know why but in my mind that sounds like: “Bond, James Bond”

Aren’t they super cute? I ended up buying these ones because: 1) There are a lot and are cheaper than buying individual tapes, 2) There are different widths, 3) They are travel related!

3- The other adhesives


Basic tape and basic glue. I was debating whether or not to get special glue for scrapbooks and then I thought it would be like buying special shampoo for girls/boys. Just another (rather successful) marketing promotion.

I also got photo corners that may come in handy, especially if I want to move the photos around later on.

4- The decoration bits


I am planning to add these great and colorful postcards to my book in order to cheer it up. I think I got over excited and got one of each. :S

5- The memory bits.

I’m really good at this. I have been saving museum and transport tickets and receipts from all our trips! Now the downside is that I don’t have them with me right now! #firstworldproblems

6- The craft paper and the calligraphy supplies


No scrapbook is complete without a narration of the pictures. I am going to attempt to narrate them in the most beautiful way I possibly can. With great words, greatly written!

I thought that writing on the craft paper would give it a more “informal”/parcel-like style. Let’s see how it goes. (I don’t have a photograph of the craft paper :S)

7- Random papers with several colors and sizes.


That’s it, random papers. I’m still unsure of their purpose but they are cute and may come in handy.

8- The stamps and the ink


I went for the basic kit. The acrylic block is necessary to keep the letters in place. Some basic black ink will do the job for now.

I had soooo many options in this section! I just couldn’t decide! I finally picked a simple alphabet and some borders. I thought that the ones with the stars and the hearts could be used as well to make lists!

9- The pictures!!

I am still waiting for them! Everything is ready for their arrival and can’t wait to see them.

I used the Boots online service and, as of now, I recommend it. It is fairly intuitive to use, you can upload and store a lot of pictures there. You can select them, edit them and even make collages! I will update on this once I receive them I can check the quality. The only con that I have seen is that if you want to remove selected pictures you have to go one by one which can be a bit of a task.

10- The will to put this massive project together.

I just wanted my list to have 10 items haha.. I think the last item on the list is the most essential one.

And now it’s time to say good bye until the next time! Hope it was helpful/enjoyable.

Do you like scrapbooking?

Do you have any crafty projects pending?