Yep, “This Happened” is my recurrent sentence lately. It can be used when you accidentally broke something, when something unexpected happened or, my favorite option, when you come back home after a walk that ended up being a haul.


Yep, so “this happened” when I went for a walk and a Lush store entered my way. It wasn’t my fault at all!

Lush Massage Bar Peace… c’mon, with such a name and that gorgeous smell nobody can resist! This bar literally melts at body temperature leaving you skin sooo hydrated! You can use it alone or accompanied 😉


Golden Wonder: Ups.. “this happened“. I couldn’t resist to use it before taking the picture. I basically jumped into the bath tub right away. I will not recommend this to you if you are a glitter hater. Or if you don’t like baths in bright blue awesome smelling water with golden stars around you. Yes, I said stars. The link will show you this beauty in full. It’s massive; that’s why I divided it in two.


Penguin Bubble Bath: This one is really cute because it’s a penguin – a totally deformed without-a-nose penguin. And I could end my description here and it would be equally awesome but, the girl at the store showed me what this little guy can do so I had to buy it. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles…haha


Movis: This soap is special. You either like it or you hate it. It is a facial soap and it’s like cleaning your face with a loaf of bread but obviously better and less weird. After using this, my face feels really good. Other soaps leave my skin stripped of moisture or are too harsh for me so this one is a winner. And it’s a bargain! This chunk will last me a long, long time.


Butter bear bath bomb is supposed to give your skin a boost in hydration. During the winter this is more than pleasant. It’s main ingredient is cocoa butter. It is also a bath bomb that won’t break the bank.


And of course, I also got some tiny shower gels. I don’t have all the time in the world and we all know that baths can get looong. I got the tiny ones because they are perfect for traveling!

The olive branch: I love anything with olive oil in it. You can say it’s a stereotype as I’m Spanish but nobody can deny all the great properties of olive oil! This bottle is really cute and it smells out of this world.


Dirty springwash: To be honest, the first thing that called my attention was the name. A shower gel with the word dirty in it.. so curious! I had to give it a go! It has a strong mint scent. I can’t wait to try it out.


Of course I had to stop there, before making a real dent in my bank account, but there are always a couple more things that you wish to get when you are at Lush. Currently on my wish list:

Ceridwen’s Cauldron: Not the most foreign-friendly name. Oh my, how do you pronounce that?! The muslin cloth included is a plus as you can reuse it later on. The fact that it is a bath melt makes it more nourishing than a bath bomb.

The good hour: Yes, this is not a product per se. Wouldn’t you love to get an hour-long full-body massage with aromatherapy? That’s what I thought!

Do you also enjoy pampering in a nice hot bath during the winter?

Have you ever used any of this lush products?

Any further recommendations?

P.S: The links are of both Lush UK and Lush USA. The UK website unfortunately has removed all Christmasy stuff already.