I want a camera.

Which one is the best camera? The one you carry around.

After much though I decided against buying a SLR camera. They are really big and uncomfortable for traveling and I am pretty new to photography so I don’t need all the advanced options that SLR gives you.

I decided against Digital cameras and feel more inclined to get a Compact System Camera as the market is really growing for it.

I feel I was left with 4 options. All of them similar price and characteristics.

– Sony Alpha A5100 24.3MP Interchangeabl​e Lens Camera with 16-50 Lens

– Samsung SMART Camera NX3000 – digital camera NX 16-50mm

Nikon 1 J4  with 10-30 mm PD-ZOOM Lens Kit

Canon EOS M EF-M 18-55mm

This list could be interpreted as a ranking. For what I have seen in a lot of forums there is certain devotion to some brands without real reasons to back up so I’m a bit confused. (see Canon Vs Nikon)

I am looking for something that:

– Relatively small

– Is not going to be outdated in 2 years

– User friendly/entry-level/for dummies

– That I can upgrade in a future

– Gives me high quality photos in a wide variety of settings

Now it would be time to get the recommendations of the experts. @trablog I’m looking at you.

Feel free to comment/debate and to change my list giving new recommendations. Every contribution is more than welcome!