Happy New Year!! 

At this time of the year we all start thinking about resolutions and things we want to achieve and change. It makes sense as we are starting something, it’s new, it’s fresh, it’s “blank” and ready for us to do whatever we want with it, change and create a new person/habit/style.

It’s the biggest next Monday I start/quit day of the year.

Ahead of us (if we are lucky) we have 365 brand new days to use. I hope to be able to do many things, the list is so long is overwhelming and I don’t want to start the year being stressed!

I have been more than a year now without smoking and I’m really proud of myself. If you have been an smoker you know what I’m talking about and how hard it can be!

This year I want to improve myself and keep learning. I have so many things to learn! I will keep in mind my post on setting targets.

Learn to let it go and be myself. Learn to un-learn and realize that urgent things sometimes aren’t important. I want to analyze my values to know if I believe in my believes or if I’m being fooled by social conventions. I want my ideas to be mine! Does it make sense? No clue. Let’s see… Sometimes we believe in things and we follow them as universal truth, trying to find the real ones and the not so real will be my new job this coming year.

I also want to preoccupy less and occupy more. Everything will end up working out and the fact that I worry will only affect me and my perspective. There is a lot of room for improvement in this area.

Maybe this year will be the year when I finally unpack and decide to stay somewhere with a little bit of confidence that I’m not moving in a couple of months. A place where the suitcases are only for holidays and not for life.

By now the new year looks quite lazy and cozy in pajamas…I like it!

Hope you had the best night and wish you the best for the new year. Remember:

The best is yet to come!