I was thinking about resuming this post in only two words: Thank You, but I guessed that a little bit more content could be appreciated. So, if you are reading this, Thank you.

If you are not reading this Thank you as well, I will tell you in person (or via Internet) soon.

I have plenty of things to be thankful for and that I tend to forget while I complaint about life. This may sound like a new year’s resolution but I am truly going to try to be more aware of how lucky am I.

Not only because there is people who is much less fortunate, because there is more fortunate people.

Not only for all the material things that we have, that are a lot, even when I could fit them in a couple of suitcases now.

I have to be thankful because I have people who love me.

I have a whole lot of people who love me.

And have faith in me.

And think about me.

And worry about me.

And there’s nothing better in life than love.

And I will like to share that with you today. And I will share it in generous amounts with the confidence that I will not run out of it.

Enjoy the day!