Because I could not resist not buying this. The price is amazing and the presentation is gorgeous. I gave it to myself after getting my job, maybe it would have been wiser to wait until the paycheck!
If you are interested here’s what it is inside this little house!

The box
A tin box! This was my first surprise when I approached the counter. With the price tag I was expecting something less..less sturdy.
It has the shape of a little house and I think is really cute.

So soft and pink. It illuminates the skin perfectly. I was looking after dandelion for a while already so being able to get it here is wonderful! The size is 4g (the full size is 7g) so it is a bit more than half.

Bella bamba
A bright pink. It was a limited edition and they decided to bring it back for the promotion. It’s the surprise/gift in the box. The size is 5g.

This is not a blush but a bronzing powder. I heard many good things about hoola so I can’t wait to try it out! Swatched in the hand looks more brown-ish than bronzed. Let’s see how it looks on the skin.
The size is 5g.

This is the classic of the brand. A soft peachy tone that I think looks awesome. The size is 5g.


If you swirl all the colors together you get the nicest shimmery blush. The size is 6g, almost full size!


It’s half way between a blush and a bronzer. It gives a nice 3d effect on he cheeks. I wouldn’t have bought this on its own but as part of the package is great. The size is 5g.

Watts up!
The highlighter in extra mini size! Use with light hand gives a nice glow on top of the cheeks. It perfectly complements all the others. The size is 1.5g and I see it more like a gift with purchase.

Kabuki brush
The tiniest kabuki I have ever seen. I like that the box comes with a brush but I don’t think I will use this one as it is ridiculously tiny!

I thought it was a really good purchase quality/quantity/price wise. If you are not into blushes or you think you already have enough I would totally recommend checking out the Benefit counter as the Christmas offers are awesome.

Did you buy any make up from the Christmas season?
Do you have any of the Benefit blushes?