Does it look like the Diagon alley or it’s just me?

Many things happened since the last time I decided to write here. I’m letting myself go with the rhythm of my new home, with the voices of those that I met and will meet. Little by little I start getting into a routine again, nothing like what I was used to but a routine nonetheless.
I got myself a job (faster than I was expecting). I got to know the town and I’m even thinking about buying a bike! Who am I?
I find some British costumes a bit odd and I still don’t like carpets but such is life.
I’m happily surprised that people are nice and really polite, this may sound estrange but after living in Hungary a nice person at the groceries counter is the last thing you might expect. (Sorry Hungary, you will be always in my heart but not for your amiability).

So many new things happening makes it hard to keep up. And then I realize that I don’t want to keep up, I want to enjoy the process and being stressed about it wasn’t helping.

This goes for all of you trying to keep up with life. Let yourself go. It may sound hard and seem impossible but using a famous brand slogan “Just do it“. Is it really that important? (hey, maybe it is! but try considering it)