I’m behind. That’s the feeling I get when I miss the Blogging 101 assignment and when I receive a great compliment like getting the “One Lovely Blog Award” and not being able to sit and post about it!

I’m moving abroad. Again. And preparing for that can be a pain in the behinds. Am I forgetting something? Let’s see…(Warning, I’m going to be rambling about things that have been in my head this past week. If you are also moving abroad soon you might check my list in case you are forgetting something)

Thinking of my immediate future regarding to planes and transportation, how are you going to make it from the airport to your destination? Maybe you need to print metro maps, railway timetables and emergency numbers.

Are you traveling with pets? You should check if you can do it! Not only for the airline restrictions, that are a few but also for the country of destination restrictions!

Do you need to exchange currency? I recommend doing it at destination as they most certainly will have enough money and won’t need to order it for you. The airport exchange rates are sometimes cheaper and better for you, other times they aren’t.

Other random stuff I’m thinking about:

Outlets, visas, permit to work, residence permit, taxes, get a bank account, apartments, utilities and commodities (like internet and a cell phone number)

Doctors, registering at the doctor and being insured. Where to go if you need help?

You can also check on: how do they hire, if you will have to negotiate your paycheck, if they prefer resume with photo or if that would be considered rude or it just depends on the employer. This things usually change from country to country and are the ones harder to adapt to.

Did I warn you or not?

Do you think I’m forgetting something? Probably, right?
Any advice on moving abroad? (I came back from Hungary and moving to the UK)

Feel free to share any experience!

I also wanted to share the latest views of my little town. Isn’t it gorgeous? (No, it is not the windows wallpaper!)


Picture credit to my boyfriend.