Yes, I started running! This might not seem as a big deal for you, but for me this is huge. I have been always cataloged as clumsy and as unable to exercise. I don’t know how much of that was about me and how much was about others prejudices.

Since I was in primary school I have struggled with Physical Education classes. In retrospective we can call it: “The Beginning”, yes, with capital letters. I changed schools often and I didn’t have good relations with my classmates so P.E classes were the ones where I “suffered” the most as it was necessary to have contact with the other kids. I remember holding my self back and being embarrassed and eventually stopping to exercise due to social pressure and the pressure I had put on myself.

Not long ago I was thinking about all these, I was re-evaluating my behaviors and realize that some of them were totally irrational. Why was I still holding from something as beneficial as exercise just because I had a bad experience as a kid?

We also have to add here a certain “fear” of failing. If you also have it get rid of it. ASAP! (I’m still working on it) It is only paralyzing and it will make enjoying life difficult. Try and fail, like some commercial says: “Just Do It”.

It has been four weeks. Four challenging weeks. I have faced comments from friends and family about my skills and even when they had no intention of being mean I felt them that way.

Now I feel stronger for trying. Stronger because I see improvement. Stronger because I don’t feel influenced by prejudices, at least related to exercise.

I’m working on it, I’m “under construction” and I hope to be that way for my whole life.

While I was running the other day I had to stop and take a picture, the one shared above, isn’t it beautiful?
I will talk about running a bit more maybe in another post, are you interested?
Did you challenge yourself lately?
Do you enjoy life?