Yes, Visas suck. It is an endless paperwork and as efficient as throwing your money in the toilet and then flushing. You may ask, Why visas suck so much? Well, let me ramble about it a bit: (Warning: I’m not going to talk well about bureaucracy)

  • Paperwork: You have to read every single clause and present endless paperwork. Some of this papers take also forever to be issued so you might get stuck in this stage for a long time.
  • Q’s and time to wait (sometimes too much): You finally have all the papers you need and you think you did everything right. Then, you have to send your valuable passport to an unknown location for somebody to decide if you are able to enter the country or not. Now, you may think this can be a fairly easy and fast procedure, specially when the government has a private company dealing with the transaction. No, don’t book flights or try to do anything because it may take THREE weeks for you to get your passport back.
  • Incredibly huge amounts of money: And yes, you have to pay to go through this hell! And ridiculous amounts of money! To just apply for the visa, send the passport and sometimes even move to your home country again as you cannot request the visa from abroad!
  • Travel expenses: As I mentioned before, not only the visa fee can be considered fraud but also that they make you move back to your home country and the fact that you cannot book the flight in advance because you don’t know when they will give you your passport back… That anxiety is priceless.
  • Stress and pressure, nothing else to say here that I did not complain about above.

Imagine there’s no borders! It’s easy if you try!

Have you ever struggled with a visa?

Are you familiar with the process I mentioned above?