Following the line of the previous post, today I will talk a bit of my experience with MOOCs and online learning in general and some courses that I find interesting and you might too!

I signed up for many many courses, I like doing that a lot. Most of the topics interest me, even when some of them are completely unrelated. The only problem of doing that is that normally I don’t have time or energy to complete the courses. I noticed that I behave differently depending on the course.

  • Some courses I like collaborating and participating on the forums, others not so much.
  • In some of them I find the lectures too long.Some videos are one hour-long. Those are terrible, they do not summarize the information or point towards the most important part of the speech.
  • I also dislike when the teacher speaks and it is not directed to you, which I find distant and even lazy, if you are going to do something take care at least of your audience! They just put a camera on the class to record the lesson and they post it later. I particularly dislike that attitude as I feel that they just let you know what they are doing instead of letting you take part in your own learning.

However despite some of this actions I find MOOCs and online learning stimulating. Learning while talking to others and learning while playing and discovering is something everybody should try.

I also had some involvement with an NGO that works with education and technology to make the world a better place.

I won’t make you wait any longer. This is my list of MOOCs that caught my eye and that start soon.

  1. JavaScript course. Code Academy.  You can start to build your own app anytime. The sooner the better.
  2. CS50X Introduction to Computer Science. Harvard University. EdX. The biggest and the best course to take from Harvard! It is also self-paced.
  3. Introduction to Journalism. FutureLearn. It starts on September 29th.
  4.  Decision Making in a complex and Uncertain World. FutureLearn. It was interesting specially because of a TED talk I saw recently. They start on September 15th. Sorry it is a bit late for this one!
  5. Comic Books and graphic novels. Coursera. Build a story, write it and create the characters (literally!) What’s not to love? (the teacher is really passionate!) Starting on September 22nd.

Hope you enjoy my list.

Are you going to enroll in any MOOC soon?