The past couple of years I have been moving onwards but also struggling with a very fashionable topic: “Follow your passion”.

At first glance it seems pretty good, “Do what you like and you will not have to work one more day in your life”. It is a good motto and it sounds really appealing.

We live in a world demanding specialties and where creativity is highly rewarded, and we are all trying to find our way to happiness and towards what we love or think we love. Some people getting rid of superfluous objects trying to find a path to rediscover themselves other people just focuses on acquiring new products as a survival method in a consumerist society.

I believe that the key word is not passion, or job, or dream and money, the key word is happiness. Nobody wants to be sad or depressed but if you look at the numbers you would be surprised.  Why is everybody so sad? Maybe because they are trapped in a job that makes them feel miserable? They are trying to keep this out of their minds when they go shopping? (I try)

Having a job that you dislike is a simple cause of being unhappy but…what would you like to do for 40 hours a week, every week for 40 years? (if you are lucky enough to live that long!)

Some people have created a few list. Supposedly, if you follow the steps you will find yourself with the job of your dreams and swimming in money. And by saying this I do not mean to imply that it doesn’t take effort to go from the first step on the list to the last.

In order to find your passion, your first step is knowing what you like, well… that´s where my problem starts! I didn’t even make it to the second step!

I like tons of things and I am interested about basically anything but I do not have a “passion”. I see that most of the people I know are also having issues with finding their route, only a few are actually happy with what they were doing and feel passionate about it.

Maybe I am looking at this in the wrong way. Maybe I do not have to find my “passion”. Maybe I just need to do things and then, later after you are engaged with it you will find that you like it. I do not know if I will find it. I doubt it will be an easy process.

A wise man once told me, “Movement generates more movement and only if you move will things around start to change”. I am moving now.


What do you think about the topic “follow your passion?

Do you know what are you passionate about?

Would you quit everything in order to pursue a dream or do you think it is a foolish idea?