This year I’m preparing for my holidays quite late and even when I’m dying to be in the sand chillaxing, the extra time to prepare  is also nice (anticipation!)

What are my beach staples?

If I can only carry one thing to the beach, only one, it would be a book! This year I’m preparing to read #GIRLBOSS, the book everyone is talking about, let’s see what the fuss is about. I will pack the third part of 1Q84 of Murakami, it is a good book so far, I will update you once I finish them.

Of course, I’m not going to the beach with only a book! In the picture you can see my must have’s- a hat, a pareo (beach wrap), and a good sunscreen!

This Clarins sunscreen is really good, it is a dry oil so you aren’t left sticky and it extends smoothly, much better than other sprays and easier to apply. The After-sun of the same brand is the perfect combination to keep your skin hydrated.

And don’t forget the lips! Burned lips hurt a lot so be sure you protect them and also keep them hydrated. For me, the best two-in-one would be this. If you have tried it you must know why the eight hour formula is legendary. As this can get a bit expensive you can also get a cheaper one like this one from Nivea. With an SPF of 30, Shea Butter and Vitamin E it is a fair adversary of the Eight Hour.

Do not take the advice lightly, protection from the sun is necessary. If you do not believe the words maybe the images will convince you. Click here to see the video of How the Sun Sees You.

I made a post before with a list of things to carry to the beach, you can check it here.

Now that we are packed and sun protected..

Where will I go?

I will visit my hometown, the place where I was born! Santa Pola, Alicante. It is a cute little town on the coast, completely filled with people in the summer, so I prefer to go to the north of the country at this time of the year or to the south once the “Summer” is officially over and I can find a spot on the beach. I really dislike crowds when on holidays.

Love visiting my grandparents and enjoying the time to relax, reading a book and just doing nothing! Food is great and there are a few nice things to visit. Valencia is right around the corner. Best Paella Ever!

Already looking for ideas, I would love to visit Porto Cesareo, Italy! Should’ve started saving two years ago.


What’s what you always carry with you to the beach?

Do you prefer the beach or the mountain?

Do you have any favourite holiday place?