Packing can be a pain in the neck and after trying to help my mother pack this morning for her trip to the beach I realized that maybe more people can face this issue: “Overpacking”

I’m not telling you to go a week of holidays empty-handed (but if you have done that probably you have a great story to tell) but spending a week on the beach should be to relax, not to carry 2 heavy suitcases along.

Here you have my recommendations for a nicely packed suitcase:

– Everybody is different. What I might think is a staple you may think is dispensable.

– I travel alone or with my significant other. I do not have kids or pets.

– If you need any medicine or medical equipment that should be your first thing to pack!

– Take into consideration the weather. This list is for a trip to the south of Spain. No rain or cold will interfere with the holidays (34º C is normal during the day, 93ºF).


For a week out, taking into account 2 days of tour or trekking, 2 nights out (weekend) and 5 days of beach.

– Two dresses to go out, they are easy to pack and only need to combine with shoes.

– Three bikinis or bathing suits in case you get bored or you change from beach to swimming pool.

– A pareo or beach wrap,  really comfy to walk around the beach.

– Short jeans and other pair of shorts, as they are really good for beach or walking.

– A skirt.

– Five or six shirts to pair with the pants and skirt, good for the beach and to walk around.

– Sandals for the dresses, flip flops for the beach and sneakers for the touring days.


Depending on if you go to apartment, hotel or hostel you will need different things.

– Shower gel and shampoo (Try to use one with hydrating properties).

– Toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss.

– Hair comb ( a must have after the beach and salty water!)

– Hydrating cream for face.

– Sunscreen and After sun. In love with this: here and here. I also put sunscreen on my hair with this mask, I will review soon. And don’t forget the lips!

– And this depends on personal preference: a razor, wax bands, depilatory cream or a depilatory machine.


– Towel for the beach, most apartments and hotels provide you with towels for shower but I would recommend you to check with them just in case.

– Tote bag, I like this one.

– Purse to go out.

– A couple of books to read while relaxing,you can purchase them on your destination.


– I like to wear a hat (Sun in the face = freckles).

– For me, on holidays on the beach, any makeup is an extra. I would pack a nice lipstick and some mascara. It is too hot to go with a full face of makeup.

– Don’t forget headbands or elastics!

– My mini-emergency kit.

Is there anything else that you pack and think is a staple?

What is your biggest difficulty when packing?

Find the PDF here: Packingforatriptothebeach_M&O and happy packing!