Few things have made me think so much as the blank page on WordPress where it tells you that your blog is empty.

It is quite intimidating to start writing. It is like opening to the rest of the people, thoughts that before could only be shared at home and with close friends. Not only opening up, but also that there are so many good blogs out there with so many talented people, awesome topics and great pictures that adding my little post here was kind of scary.

I decided to start blogging just because of that! Once you decide to write…everything changes! Everything seems to be there for you to write about. Is anybody going to read what I write? I don’t know. I would love if someone reads it but I’m taking this as my personal challenge.

I have to add, even when probably some of you already realized, that English it is not my first language. I thought it would be good for me to write in English so I can practice and get better. Most of the people I follow in the blogosphere are English speakers so I thought it would be a good idea to write in the language of Shakespeare and my boyfriend.

The empty page is not blank anymore.. HELLO WORLD!